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Slovak Society of Traditional Karate and Kobudo

SSTKK Seminars

Okinawa Training Camp

We are organizing the training camp on Okinawa Island always two times a year, usually in June and at the end of October.

During the 9 – 11 days of stay attend participants 14 – 18 trainings under the guidance of our Okinawa masters. Primarily trainers of particular SSTKK member clubs are taking part at the training camp. Nomination of the team is under the approval of SSTKK Presidential board. Every member club has its right to send to the training camp at least one of its trainers.

Summer Traditional Karate & Kobudo Camp

Once a year, SSTKK members over 18 years meet at camp, which is organized by SSTKK in Slanická Osada near Oravská priehrada. The camp usually lasts from Wednesday evening till Sunday morning.

Camp participants attend three days of trainings and three evenings full of entertainment among friends. Trainees train every day two-phase, divided into two groups – black belts and so called “the fruitties” 🙂 – students STV. Training camp is being led under the guidance of the SSTKK most experienced instructors and also by invited guests from Slovakia or from abroad. Planned date of the next camp you will find here.

Winter Self-Defence & Bunkai Seminar

At the turn of January and February we meet at the Winter training camp of traditional karate and self-defense in Moštenica.

Trainings are under the guidance of our self-defense and traditional karate instructors. Training takes place on tatami. Except of self-defense, we also use tatami for bunkai practice, which are ended by throwing or tearing to the ground. Training lasts two days, two phase, self-defense in the morning and bunkai in the afternoon.

Planned date of the next camp you will find here.

Regular Self-Defence Seminars

During the season, it means from September till June, regular seminars of self-defense under the guidance of Jaroslav Krám, Erik Štefák, Miroslav Krištofík or Roman Pittner are being held in premises of Karate club FATRA Martin gymnasium.

Seminars are usually taking place in Saturdays and compose of two subsequent trainings with short break. First part is usually focused on techniques training, while the second training is focused more on psychological preparation, stress management and model situations training. During the self-defense instruction we use not only the knowledge from traditional karate, but also from ju-jutsu, box and psychology. Our instructors are not theoreticians. All have personal experience with crisis situation management whether in employment or in common life. 

Seminars schedule for actual season you will find here.

Regular Seminars of Traditional Karate & Kobudo

Similarly to self-defense, SSTKK organizes regular seminars of traditional karate and kobudo. Since our instructors regularly visit Okinawa, we are trying to spread gained knowledge as soon as possible to as many karate trainees as possible.  

Seminars of karate and kobudo are opened for everyone. Similarly to self-defense, these seminars are usually taking place in Saturdays, while compose of two subsequent trainings with 15 min break. Trainings are focused on bunkai – it means explanation of used techniques from kata (forms) in the battle. In case of kobudo, trainings are mainly focused on correct mastering of basic techniques and kata. 

Seminars schedule for actual season you will find here.