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Members of SSTKK


Karate club FATRA Martin

Karate club FATRA Martin was founded in 2010, when experienced former trainees and trainers of former big clubs in Martin as Medik and Tatran (later Seipai) decided to start common trainings. The bunch of enthusiastic returnees became a group, first recruitment occurred, then second and other. Today, after five years from the establishment, FATRA Martin has its own premises for trainings (app 250 m2 tatami) and more than 100 active members.  Main trainers of the club are Erik Štefák (5. dan karate, 2. dan kobudo), Ondřej Novosad (4. dan karate, 1. dan kobudo), Jaroslav Krám (4. dan karate, 1. dan Ju-Jutsu), Peter Suchý (3. dan karate), Miroslav Krištofík (3. dan karate), Ľubomír Bulvas (1. dan karate) and Radomír Fleischer (2. dan karate). More information about the club you will find on or


Karate club Okinawa Dolný Kubín

Karate club Okinawa Dolný Kubín was founded in 2010. Group of enthusiastic people around the Orava karate nestor Mr. Štefan Jány started to commute to the trainings of traditional karate in Martin. Gradually they started with the regular trainings at the Economic school in Dolný Kubín. Thanks to Mr. Peter Dobák, they have very nice premises for trainings to their exposal. Trainees of traditional karate from Dolný Kubín devote mainly to adult trainees. In this club you can find also karate trainees who are over 60 years old. Main trainers of the club are ŠtefanJány (1. dan karate) and Norbert Kustra (2. dan karate). More information about the club you will find on


Karate club Goju-ryu Karate-do Banská Bystrica

Constitutive meeting of the club was held in October 2011, as a reaction to the recovery need of Karate Clubu Elán. Constitutive members of the club are many experienced karate fighters, former charges of one bunch of the original club and former fighters of Slovak karate federation. Goju-ryu Karate-do club Banská Bystrica since 2012, when its members took part at the Okinawa visit, has started even more actively devote to training and spreading of traditional karate of Goju-ryu style. Nowadays the main trainer is Mr. Peter Krč (4.dan karate and the master of Tai Chi Chuan with more than 20 years of experience), another trainers are Ivan Sucháň (2.dan karate) and Zuzana Schlosserová (2.dan karate). More information about the club you will find on KARATE-DO-Banská-Bystrica or


Karate club FATRA Turčianske Teplice

Karate club FATRA Turčianske Teplice is the oldest among the clubs which are nowadays associated in Slovak society of traditional karate and kobudo. Already in 1999 Ľubomír Hanko and Erik Štefák founded OZ FATRA Society of martial arts friends as a superordinate society for martial arts trainings in Turčianske Teplice. Since that time up to now the traditional karate is being trained in Turčianske Teplice. At the beginning the amount of members vary between 15 up to 50 members during the times when karate was most popular sport, and later was this amount stabilized on app. 20 trainees under the guidance of  experienced trainers who are  Ľubomír Bialek (3. dan karate, 1. dan Iaido) and Anka Jesenská (2. dan karate). More information about the club you will find on orčianske-združenie-FATRA-166806359444


Karate club Survival Jissen Slovakia Handlová

Beginnings of the club Survival Jissen are dated since 1991, when KK Go ju ryu and Jissen jitsu was founded with KK ATJ Plameň. Members of the club penetrated under the guidance of various masters into the mysteries of different martial arts as Aikido / Štefan Kurila /, Seidokan karate / Bogdan Czapla, Polland /, Aiki ju jutsu / Mgr. Michal Sliwka, Polland / and survival techniques / Pavel Trošák, Czech republic /. In 1998 the name of the club has been reduced to Survival Jissen Slovakia and we have started to cooperate also with the mountaineering club Prometeus Handlová. Actually, the club owns small dojo where the club members meet each other and train traditional Okinawa karate Goju-ryu Shodokanas well as kobudo. Trainings are guided by the trainer Mr. Milan Korec (2. dan karate). More information about the club you will find on