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Slovak Society of Traditional Karate and Kobudo

Traditional karate and kobudo competitions

Slovak Traditional Karate and Kobudo Cup (SPTKK) 

SSTKK is a society, which is focused on traditional form of karate and kobudo, therefore does not take part at the competitions in sports karate. But our trainees have the opportunity to compete in traditional forms.  

On average once per 5 years, there is so called Sekai Taikai (World cup) in traditional karate held on Okinawa Island. It differs from standard sports competitions, here only traditional, unchanged forms of original Okinawa karate and kobudo schools are allowed to be practiced.

Based on these examples and experiences from organizing three successful cups in traditional karate (Turčiansky pohár) we have decided in SSTKK to organize series of tournaments in traditional karate and kobudo under the name Slovak cup in traditional karate and kobudo (SPTKK).

Clubs united in SSTKK organize during the season four rounds of SPTKK. Results of individuals as well as clubs are counted and based on the sum of placings the final winners in particular categories are determined. Club with the highest amount of points will get the Slovak cup of traditional karate and kobudo.